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the style of seiya kou

all the pictures you are about see here are personal favorites of mine.
those listed with an were scanned by me.
i'd really appreciate it if you didn't use those particular ones for your own purposes without the proper given credit.

myu stage pics

during 'chasin' after you'
yet again during 'cay'
and again...
meeting ten'oh haruka
introducing the next song

anime pics

seiya kou and sailorstarfighter
the threelights
chibi starlights-tachi!
sailorstarfighter battle card front
sailorstarfighter battle card back
seiya kou private card front
seiya kou private card back
threelights private card front
threelights private card back
starlights no eeru / yell brooch
chance meeting with ten'oh haruka
purensesu kakyuu
kakkoi seiya-kun!
seiya bids farewell to michiru's dressing room...
starfighter upon firing
thoughts of a lost one
announcing the arrival
firing up
starfighter : front and back view
making nice with the football club leader
ready to go
from the stars opening
trying to make ends meet ... EVIL SPANDEX!!!
during a photoshoot
seeraa sutaa riatsu
just posin' around
to the rescue, as usual
mou... kawaii no pozu!
cover of the lovely book I scanned most of these pics from
a nifty seiya/starfighter bg

manga pics

all the senshi, civilian style

animation cells

my wonderful cell of seiya in his gakkou seifuku
my great starfighter cell from episode 198
from lala ^^<3 /// my beautiful starfighter cell

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