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image credit [ diana kou (l), hitoshi doi (r) ]

the voice of seiya kou

as many know, niiyama shiho provided the irreplaceable, unforgettable and beautiful voice of seiya kou during the original japanese version of bssm. niiyama-sempai brought seiya alive for approximately ten months (11. may . 96 - 08 . february . 97), episodes 173 through 200. she provided her awesome vocal chords for three threelights songs; 'nagareboshi he', 'todokanu omoi ~ my friend's love ~' and 'ginga ichibun chigai na kata omoi'.

sadly and unfortunately, niiyama shiho passed away on 07 february 00. no one knows exactly when niiyama-sempai was diagnosed with her leukemia cancer, but she held out till the very end, giving a soft smile before her passing. to find out more about this ordeal, please visit my page in memory of her, as shown below.

other than the 'threelights', niiiyama-sempai participated with another girl group of her own, 'virgo'. they consist of members niiyama shiho (of course), nagashima yuko, tange sakura, kasahara rumi, and yanase natsumi. niiyama-sempai could be looked as the leader of this group at times. they incorporated songs mainly for the anime of 'ojousama sousamou'.

niiyama shiho participated in many other anime roles, which can be found as listed on the 'remember shiho'. not much more can be said without repeating other pages on niiyama-sempai, but all that is left to be said is that i thank her for providing seiya kou with the marvelous voice so many adore, and that she will never be forgotten.

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