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letters from the fans

here are the small, but thoughtful, emails sent to me regarding the site and or just ... seiya / me!
seiya loves fanmail, so if you have some, by all means send it in!

from >>>

*falls over, sighing dreamily* Oi! I just wanted to say that your page is so...Beautiful! *Eyes glaze over* I love Seiya.... *Shakes head* Aheh, gomen. ^_^;;;; You're amazing, keep it up!

PeAcE, LoVe, aNd HaIr GrEaSe! ~*Angel

Seiya's Reply > :: Laughs :: Sugoi. Thank you very much. I put a lot of work into it. ^_^ Oh really? Gasp! Hehe. Well, it's nice to hear Yaten not getting so many of the fans lately.. :: Chuckle. :: Talk to you soon.

from >>>

I have to say that I really like Seiya because not only do I find him charming . He takes the place of Darien for a while, I mean I think Darien is really cute it just made it more exciting for people to see Usagi with someone else. I just wish the series continued. But you are my favorite!


Seiya's Reply > Awesome, Maria. - - LoL It's nice to know that you still give Darien/Mamoru the benefit of the doubt even though you like Seiya too. -- Oh, and about your other e-mail. I will update my journal soon. :) Keep an eye on it! ^_~


Dearest Fig--Seiya...yes...Seiya,

Your music calls out to me like a breeze through a misty meadow. A voice that is pure and true spirls up to heaven and beyond the stars. Thank you for calling out to that special person. I'm sure that she feels lucky.



P.S. I'm in the incense burner, you dork.

Seiya's Reply > LOL!!! O--o--OI!!!!!!!! .. Well, yes. She is lucky. Of course. .. Although, that explains why you never hear our songs, Ouhi! ::Laughs::


Dear Seiya,
HIII! How are you? I'm fine ^_^ I just wanted to say your my second favorite light, your sexy sexy silver haired brother is my favorite one *.* But anyway I just came to give you a big hug and kiss and to let you and the others know not all fans are after you for your looks, just the really ditzy ones :Hugs: Love ya Seiya, and I hope you get Usagi, you deserve her more then a guy who runs around in capes, throwing roses nagging on and on about pointess crap. Bye Seiya San!!!
Many Hugs and Kisses, Ashley

Seiya's Reply > LOL! Omoshiroi, neh! ::Looks to Yaten::.. Whooo. ::Chuckles:: Well, Ashley, thanks for the lovely praise -- I agree with you about that last part.. ::coughcoughcough:: Talk to you soon!


AHH!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! OMG!! STARS STARS STARS STARS!!!! ;-;!! It's SEIYA KOU!!!! ::Glompes:: I'MYOURBIGGESTFANEVERYOUWOULDN'TEVENBELIEVEIT!!!WOULDYOUPLEASEMARRYME!!!*-*I'LLPAYYOU!!! ::looks all starry eyed now:: *-* Seiya....::Drools and like...falls flat at his feet:: I love you...

Seiya's Reply > Sou..---sou--....sou ka ^_^;.. I've never been offered money for... marrying someone. LoL! Eto.. Well, Sunlight, I don't know if I'll be gettin' hitched anytime soon, but uh.. thanks for the offer! Maybe we can go get a round of burgers sometime or something though, neh?


ehmm....hai seiya, is this really you? i'm one of your biggest fans, i am 15 years old, my name is monika i am from indonesia. i think i'm falling in love at the frist time i saw you in tv, and since then i always love you...i search for your pic from internet, chat using your name, everything i do just so i can see you face everyday. and if this is really you, please...please...please...reply this message to my e-mail address with your pic if it's possible. my e-mail is ,i hope this is really you so i'm not dissapointed, and thank you very much for reading my message.i'm using cyber cafe computer cos i don't have my own internet line so...please reply to me to my e-mail address.thank you...send my best regard to kou taiki and also yaten,you are the best!!!
sincellery yours, monika

Seiya's Reply > Aww, man. I really need to read my Fanmail more often. This message was sent in 2000, but I just got to it now. Hey, Monika, if you're out there, give me another ring sometime, okay? I'd love to chat with you! It makes me happy to see such big fans like yourself. Take care!


Hey, Seiya! I think you are so cute! I think you have a great personality and you are very talented. Oh, yeah-my best subject is literature, my Chinese Horoscope is that of the rabbit, and I have an address book that says my name (Cynthia) means Moon Goddess. How's those last two for being like Usagi? ^_^ Okay, those are my thoughts for you! Oh, and I absolutely LOVE the way you say "Odango," it makes my heart melt! Ai domo, Seiya-sama!

Seiya's Reply > Whoooa, there! Thanks, first off. You follow Chinese Horoscope too? That's awesome! Pretty name, by the way. ;) ::Laughs:: Oi, oi. "Odango", eh? Hehe. Thanks for writing!


Seiya, you rock, baby! I love you soo much!!!!! But, you know, you and Usagi make the best couple and I'm not that jealous...(really!). See ya!

Seiya's Reply > ::Laughs:: Thanks! - - Man, why is it that everyone but Usagi sees the potential!? >:\


i now you like usagi and im magic i can tell if something is going to happen and my hypothsis is that she'll never leave mamoru not unless you put a break up potion on her she'll break up with mamoru and you can get her as your girl friend but if i give you this potion it will change matter what i mean is if you give too much reenny will never be born but if you give her a little she'll only be your girlfriend and not wife but you can change everything in the world even time it self you think im nuts hu but really im magic

Seiya's Reply > oi oi . . .


Seiya i love you!!!! I really wish you fell for me not Odango. You are so cool and hot.

Seiya's Reply > Oi! Ehe. Don't make me blush, now.. Thanks for your support, though!.. ^_~*


I LOVE YOU SEIYA!!! I'M YOUR # 1 FAN IN THE UNIVERSE! I know you love Usagi, but I'm very lovable too! Hehehe! I can even do my hair up like hers if ya want! ^_^ See ya! <3 ya!

Seiya's Reply > Sugoi! Hehe. It seems all the girls that are fans are trying to get in Usagi's position... Oi oi. x.x;! I adore that bizarre hair, though. LoL. Show me, sometime, eh?


Here ya goes! You deserve this. ^.~ You don't really have to add this on to your could just hold it as a little treasure or somethin...X_X I REALLY hope you read this....

Seiya's Reply > Souu... That was very sweet of you, Asuka-chan! Thank you so much!


I think Usagi needs someone like Seiya in her life. Sure, Mamoru is great. But don't you think Usagi would start to crave for some fun? That's why Usagi fell for Seiya and I don't blame her. She has fun with Seiya, and she without a doubt has feelings for him also! Seiya and Usagi are perfect for eachother! (although, if they did get together, there would be a lot of jealous fans...including me. shhh!) Luv ya Kou Seiya! ^_^

Seiya's Reply > I seriously agree with you - - Yeah, Mamoru is an all right guy, but hey. Seiya's co---... ::Cough:: I'll hush before some Mamoru's start a rebellion! X.x;


Hi Kou Seiya. You would be a kewl dad. Will you be my future dad? :o)

Seiya's Reply > Aw. That's an awfully cute wish, but I don't know if I can.. ehe. Maybe your dad will be just as cool, if not more, neh?

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