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the journal of seiya kou
written by seiya

Entry : I // Earth

The war is over.. for now.
Everything is lost,... save for the faith that we three have in finding the Princess..
I know she fled..but what do we do now, ... Princess? Can you hear me?
My heart longs to see you smile once more.. I hope we can find you here.

Here.. on Earth.

We are prepared for now. Healer and Maker have decided that the only way to find you is to become something out of our nature; We have marveled at the plan of becoming boys, seeking you, our wonderful Princess... If you hear our songs, please Princess.. seek us out as well, neh?

Now.. We are the Three Lights. We sing to fulfill our idols. Seiya.. Yaten.. Taiki.. Kou.

I hope .. you understand.. Ouhi...

Entry : II // Earth [continued]

Our first real day as our "new" selves.
We arrived from a local airport in Tokyo, Nippon.
Dressed in the garb that is traditionally worn at the Earth "school" we will be attending, already awaiting fans hoarded us as we came from the terminal.
Why they knew about us?.. Thats our secret.
As I was walking behind, a couple crossed my path.
A typical couple; A tall, dark guy wearing an all too drab looking green blazer and dress pants, escorting a short young lady with.. funny hair!
I felt an odd feeling from her though.. It was all too familiar.. I heard the words, "odango"..
It makes sense though.. hm.. "odango".
I will have to pursue her closely.


This morning the three of us were introduced to our class.
We attend Azabu Juuban School.. strangely, that girl with the funny hair..odango... is in my class.
I laughed a bit when I saw her, but I also gave her a slight wink during introduction.
She has this incredible feeling coming her.. Its unexplainable...
...but it makes me feel comfortable...
Our first day is through. It looks like a long, strenuous road..
But I don't care. Neither do the other two. Princess. We will not rest till you are safe and found.

Entry : III // The girls

How wonderful, yet unbelievable this all is.
Fans screaming, chanting our name.. "Three Lights".
Our tour broke records..And it was still an early date. How exciting it all is.
Singing with all my heart is such a good feeling though..

I wish you could share it with me.

One day, we were shooting a promotional video.
Many were there to greet us... heh.. rather, mob us, but thats alright.
Its nice to see so many people so happy.

This day I will never forget though.
As I sat on a bench away from the huge crowds and lights, I saw her.
That same girl I felt an awesome feeling from at the airport.
The nutcase that sat in front of me in school.
It was funny, but a bit shocking at the same time. She didn't know who I was!
What's with this planet!...che.. Hehe.. Of course, I'm not that angry at all.
She didn't even remember me from the airport.
I guess I'm not as famous as I thought I was..but still!

It must be because of that guy she was with...

Hehe.. This was the first time I called her "odango", as the guy she was with did..
She said that "Mamo-chan" only calls her that.
That must be him. That guy she was with.

Probably her boyfriend of some sort.


I didn't think we would have to become our original forms so soon.
A battle struck today. We had to fight.

We introduced ourselves. The SailorStarLights.
We met someone strange today.
Her name is Eternal SailorMoon.

We were about to rid of the evil being, but she divided between us.
We beckoned her to get out of the way, yet she wouldn't listen. Whats her problem anyways? She's getting in the way of our mission.

Then, she emitted this emense power... none of which I have seen before.., yet so painsakingly familiar.
We left immediately. So much to evaluate already.

Entry : IV // Another meeting

I've bumped into her several times already.
It makes me happy...but hehe.. her on the other hand..

Calling her 'odango atama' makes me laugh. She hates it.. But its probably because I am not.. him.

Regardless, she acts like she doesn't know me.. or like me for that matter!
Feh..These Earthlings are those to reckon with. How odd they all are.. yet so humorous.

Since our introduction to this new school, many joyous things have happened.
Its so different, Ouhi.. I feel so spirtited. So alive.

I joined the American Football Club. Its an entertaining sport.. but hey.
I have to try and be as convincing as possible for them..

But these strange occurances keep happening.
Star Seeds are being stolen, or at least trying to be. Its Galaxia. I can feel it.

The power pulsates in my veins. I have to fight. I won't let this mission die..
I won't let these people fall as ours did.

Che.. who are these "Senshi".. Taiyokei no Seeraa Senshi.. thats what they call themselves.

It almost comforted me to know that SailorMoon wanted us to stay to explain..
But that can never be. Ever.

Her power is a great one, though. I hope her light never fades.

Entry : V // Err.. stress.

I didn't think being an idol could be so stressful.
Bombarding powers. Crushing planets. Now thats easy.
Dance rehearsal! ERH! How tedious!
My dance instructor can be so hard sometimes..but she has reason.
I personally think she hates me.
Damn.. Spandex is annoying!!!!!!.............

This school bit is another thing. I didn't do too well on testing... feh.
Much to our surprise though..Akane-san was also a 'Sister', meaning of priesthood.
She was also attacked.
These poor souls..
...yet, saved again by her.

I asked odango about her boyfriend. Its true..

Oh well. I have a chance too, you know! He's over there..I'm here. With her.
Hehehehehehe... uhm. I mean. Good. Good job.

More and more of these Senshi keep appearing though.
I hope they are not the enemy.
It would pain me so.

Taiki has also been getting close with these girls..
All of them are so individual, yet I can't imagine them being apart from eachother.
Makoto, Ami, Minako.. ooh boy. Minako.
Rei and Usagi.. Odango atama.. Hehe.

Yaten is bothered by them at times..
Its because she's so indept with finding the Princess..and thats all.
I understand..but..
I don't know what it is. Could it be ...
No.. I'm not becoming this 'boy' I am posing as, am I?...

Ouhi. We need you..

I need you.

Entry : VI // Oi oi.. odango.

I laughed so much this week.
Yaten.. all mighty hard core stiff upper lip Yaten has a crush on a cat!
ODANGO'S CAT! Hahaha...
Thats so funny.
Urm. Moving on!

You know.. the more I think of it, SailorMoon is like our Princess.
I know it couldn't be possible.. but their emense power feels the same.
It gives off a certain light. A lovely light.
A light I will not allow to fade!

Haha.. pink clothing on a furry cat... urhm. Moving on!

Taiki thinks I'm wrong about SailorMoon. Che..Sometimes she's above herself.
She needs to chill out. Period. Yaten too.

We recently had another concert.. Another breaking record.
This time, we were joined by the lovely [what an understatement!] Kaioh Michiru.
I'd hate to admit that this "boy" stuff is getting to me. Kaioh-san is very .. very..
talented.. yeah!

Nevertheless, Taiki says we shouldn't sing for anyone but Ouhi.
We are though.. aren't we? Princess..Can't you hear us? If so.. why aren't you answering?
Please! Answer me now!

Yaten playing with little kittie toys..mouses.. PINK! on!

This concert was strange. While onstage with Kaioh-san..I felt this incredible force from her.
Who is she? Why am I feeling these things?
Oh please, Kami-sama. Don't let it be my boy-feelings again!
But.. I know its not.. It couldn't be.. Not for her, at least...

Regardless of my feelings and what not, I had to find out what she was about.
I casually visited her dressing room that night. To cover up the non-obvious, I proclaimed to be her fan.
Heh..She laughed at me, jokingly. Hey! I like classical music!
What does she know about me anyways..

I had to do something. I had to know who she was.
Alas.. my boyish side kicked in. I told her I wanted to know about her.

GASP! BANG! BOOM! She made slight pass at me!
I couldn't resist.. I had to know..

Che..But here comes someone barely familiar to me.
Tenoh Haruka.
I kept cool. We shook hands. She through me out!
I still kept cool. I told odango I'd see her later..
We're getting closer. I'm glad.

I felt something from Tenoh-san as well, though.
What is it with this group?

Another abduction into evil.
We fought. Again. How routine-like this is all becoming.
Finally. She said it. She asked us to fight with her.
But no..It cannot be like that.. not truly.

Two more Senshi appeared. Uranus and Neptune.
I do not feel close with them at all.. the power is familiar though.

I don't care right now. Ouji. Odango. That is all that matters.

Entry : VII // Doki Doki

Ahh... days off. I'm so grateful for this.
Everyone was planning fun for this weekend.
Of course, Minako bugged the other two about going out. Declined, as usual..
Poor girl! Ehe.

I don't know what compelled me to do so, but I asked Usag...Odango out on a date.
Not a date date, but a date. Ahh. Whatever.
We planned to meet at Ichi no Hashi Park a little before lunch time.

Ehh. I'm forming some bad habits though. I was late for the date.
Oi, Odango! What are you doing to me?

She was so adorable this day though. Much like a child that needed help, but yet, a lady in the works. Its flattering to know she accepted my date.. date.

We ate.. Rode rollercosters.. Everything. It was so fun!

Something caught my eye.. I walked over to a crane machine, and odango complimented a particular keychain.
I sought after it, and got it. Gomen na, odango. I didn't win it for your sake.

I asked her again about her boyfriend. She seemed to drift into another world when she poke about him.
Che..He must be leading her on. What jerk!...
...but she said that wasn't so. Whats so special about this guy anyways...

She looked sad for a moment... I couldn't allow that.
She felt like the Princess at this moment too..

I had to cheer her up.

Hehe.. I had masked my reasons for bringing her to the disco at first.
I know, odango.. You thought I wanted to make a move on you, neh?
Oi oi!

But something happened. I felt the need to protect her. I would die trying to as well.

But.. why...

This time, I was attacked.
Could the enemy be onto me? NO! Impossible!
But.. Odango. Where did you go? All I see is SailorMoon..
SailorMoon knew about the bear. .. O...odango? Can you be SailorMoon!?

Galaxia. Finally, I saw her close up. Her tyranny strikes fear into the hearts of her pawns.
One less pawn, now.

SailorMoon wanted to fight together.
No.. Thats not possible. Galaxia made me remember the hurtful time on Kinmoku-sei..

I'm sorry SailorMoon. You have to fight for your own planet yourself.

But odango.. Heh. You bring a smile to my face.
I had to give you the bear.
You make me happy.

Entry : VIII // Chibi Chibi

Man. These days of being an idol are getting tougher as they follow.
Lately I've had to do random jobs just because I'm an idol.
I'm not complaining though. I just recently had to become an officer for a day.

I met a cute little girl today too. Her name is ChibiChibi. Hehe..I joked with odango about ChibiChibi being her "daughter"..
She's been hiding things from me! Just kidding, of course..
She said the same about me though.. But she wasn't kidding...

I hope she doesn't sense my entity. I'm exposing myself too much.
I can't let her know about me.

Later, we Three Lights had to shoot another movie. I played "Chou Red".. Heh.
How amusing. MORE SPANDEX! ERHhhhhHhh.. Seiya-sama doesn't like that!!

Maa. It wasn't more than 20 minutes that we decided to take a dip in the lake.
And guess who we bumped into?
Hehe..more like scared..


You looked so cute in your swimsuit.. eh..ara.. What am I saying?

Minako told us about a "mysterious monster" in the camp. Ooh that was rich.
Big opportunity for us boys!
Mo-n-su-taa Seiyaaa-desu yo!

Ehh..I thought it would work, but something fishy was going on.
Yet another monster.
What is this?!

SailorMoon saved the person.. Again.
The more and more I see her, the more I ..

We returned to the cabin.. The girls were trying to make clay pots.
I talked to odango outside, trying to cover up my non-appearance for the past hours.
I told her I fainted.. Haha! What a joke!
Ehh..but I got knocked down and landed on her.
Che! She called me ecchi!

ChibiChibi, what are you up to!?

Entry : IX // Usagi...

I actually visited odango's house.. It was so funny.
At first she was squabbling on the floor like.. a nutcase.
She showed me around.. then I stayed in her room while she made us some tea.
Then.. I noticed something.

A picture on her desktop. Her..and that guy.. Mamoru.
I stared at it for a while. Just seeing him made me angry.
Odango.. you looked so happy in the picture.. but why does he make you so sad?

I put the picture faced down.

Don't make her so sad.

She was so nice and sweet. Why does a guy like him get someone like her?

She says I shouldn't be inconsiderate because girls won't like me.
But I don't care. I don't care if no one else likes me.
Odango.. Do you listen to my songs?

Ouhi. Please say you at least do.

Ehh..what a twisted occurance.. I took a shower at Odango's place!
Why? .. ChibiChibi. Cake. BAD combination!
This was tremendously humiliating, because she tried to pull my towel off.
Oi oi, Chibi-Odango!

We played cards when the others arrived.

Well. It was fun until Haruka arrived.. but hey. Michiru was with her as well. Not bad!

I'm Usa...Odango's bodyguard, you hear? I don't care if you don't like popular boys.

I wanted to tell you, Odango.. but its like fate didn't want me to.
How strange, you thought I was going to ask you out.. No.. thats not it..

Princess. Doko ni iruno. We all sing our hearts to you, but you don't respond.
Please. Hurry.

more to come.

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