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image credit [ diana kou ]

kagayaku shine

the couple of kinmoku? hmm.. who knows. as diplicted above, 'kagayaku' means 'shine'. this particular section deals with the subtle 'relationship' between seiya, rather, starfighter and the ruler of kinmoku, kakyuu hime.

many see the relationship between kakyuu and seiya as non-romantic, however, some scenes from the stars series would beg to differ. now, for this new eternal question; KAKYUU or USAGI? omoshiroi. i think many may vouche for usagi, although perhaps a reasonable number would vouche for kakyuu as well. too bad the story never picked up after stars, thusly revealing what happened to kakyuu and her lights after leaving their temporary earthly home.

not much 'happens' between kakyuu and fighter in the manga version of sailormoon, however, several scenes in the anime version have fans fixated on the 'couple'. care to share what you think?

i hope to flood this page with kakyuu & seiya/fighter images soon, however, that will take some time. check back frequently, people. theres bound to be something soon!

- - - fans speak out - - -

here is where your opinions will be featured.
got something to say about the topic on this page? email me today. "I think I would pick Usagi about this "relationship thing" because it's just loyalty and not really love between Seiya and Kakyuu. U should look at the scenes because u could see even though they grew up together, but seiya mostly think of Usagi. So that's my proof. Thank u and hav a nice day." "In the manga, although there are not that many moments between them, the whole REASON Seiya began to notice Usagi “romantically” because Usagi reminded her of her own princess and she was in love with Kakyuu. So I would vouch for Kakyuu, because in the manga Seiya loved her before he even came to earth and met Usagi. Thank you for your time, Lady Neko"

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