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image credit [ diana kou ]

more than just competition

okay. i had to do this. what seiya shrine wouldn't be perfect without a section dedicated to the wonderful 'friendship' between haruka and seiya? che!

there was always something haruka didn't like about the three lights. finally, after the joint concert between kaioh michiru and the three lights, the disliking became official; seiya flirted with michiru. well, whom flirted with whom is still a mystery, but both definitely had a part in it ^^()

this exact situation can be found in episode 180, 'yobiau hoshi no gagayaki! haruka tachi sansen', or otherwise, 'the glitter of the stars that call each other! haruka and michiru join in the battle'. yet another classic episode, fans squealed at the thought of seiya and michiru together, as well the words exchanged in that very episode.

of course, the words haruka and michiru shared were more exciting, but one can dream, neh?

anywho, tension between haruka and seiya grew at an alarming rate since that very episode. as if things weren't bad as they were already! nearly everything seiya did made haruka believe more and more that he was surely not fit for anyone, especially usagi.

then the point of sheer meltdown : uranus versus starfighter. who knew? yet, wasn't it all too predictable?...

during the final episodes of sailormoon sailorstars, uranus and neptune chose a fate down a dark path. in a failed attempt to protect their princess, the starlights sought to protect eternalsailormoon with their lives, seeing as her own senshi had already met their cruel fate.

from here, the future battle is all too apparent. uranus and fighter's true despise of eachother comes out, as uranus and neptune try to take esm's starseed. one thing leads to another, as uranus and starfighter face off numerous times. the most alarming of times would be the second, in which uranus boasts to starfighter about protecting their princess [i.e, esm] when the starlights couldn't protect their own [i.e, kakyuu]. in a hurtful rage, starfighter charged at uranus, and after a struggled attempt to at least hit uranus once, a blow to the stomach was made. feh... it meant nothing power-wise, but mentality-wise, it struck hard. no more than seconds later, uranus punched starfighter with nearly twenty-times more force, soon followed by a double power rupture of both uranus and neptune.

in the end, uranus tells starfighter to protect esm. i guess this rivalry was only skin deep. who knows? ah well. as my friend eiko says, 'the two hate eachother, only because they're so much alike'. what do you think?...

From Uindo : "It's weird, but I must disagree. I am a HARDCORE Haruka fan, but Seiya is still one of my favorite characters. I didn't really like him at first, but he even I had to admit that he's undeniably cool. My friends and I role play, and I'm Taiki, but if I had seen the series before we chose characters I would have probably ended up being Seiya. Not that I don't like Taiki. Anyway, I think it's possible to be a Haruka fan and still like Seiya."

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