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image credit [ diana kou ]

the team of starfighter, starmaker and starhealer

snap. snap. snap. tuxedo kamen-sama? not! sailorstarlights, stage on!

these three are the mysterious senshi from a distant galaxy. they came from kinmoku-sei in search of their ruler, kakyuu-hime. disguised as the threelights, these senshi are determined to find their princess, rid of galaxia's evil and return to the once peaceful life they had lived.

sailorstarfighter >>> alias: seiya kou
powers >>
      'star serious laser' // a powerful stream of laser lights that can penetrate an enemy's attack
attire >
      midnight blue scheme; gloves, boots, petit shorts and top. starfighter bears the 'light blue' trademark on her fuku attachments

sailorstarmaker >>> alias: taiki kou
powers >>
      'star gentle uterus' // a round of powerful energy spheres that can blast the opposition
attire >
      same as fighter; starmaker bears the 'light lavender' trademark on her fuku attachments

sailorstarhealer >>> alias: yaten kou
powers >>
      'star sensitive inferno' // a powerful streak of thunder-like streams that can intercept any attack
attire >
      same as other two; starhealer bears the 'light green' trademark on her fuku attatchments

although not much about the starlights' past is known, one thing that is quite obvious is their strength of determination. after surviving what seemed to be a crushed past, the starlights fought their countless battles against galaxia and her minions with an iron fist... or at least tried to.

with the tragic loss of kakyuu before their very eyes during the stars season, the starlights knew from then on they had to fight seperate from the senshi-tachi. nevertheless, this didn't last very long, seeing as the bond between starfighter and moon did not cease to exist.

the hard work paid off, as princess serenity defeated galaxia's evil force and brought her back to her true self. with all things come a grand finale, and thus, the starlights returned home with their princess in order to reconcile their once great planet.

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