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Seiya Kou

seiya kou
the dashing bishonen, as seen above. if you don't know who he is already... boy. he's not as popular as he thought he was. click on his picture to learn more.

the elusive leader of the sailorstarlights - - along with the other two members of her trio of senshi, she sought to find her princess. now what? click on her picture to learn more.


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::: kagayaku
::: studio
*:. candid camera

::: ezboard : ksdc | closed for revising

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Kou Seiya Dot Com is currently being revised. Please be patient for a new revival page.

Message from Seiya
Hey, min'na-san! I'm very grateful for all of your continuing support despite my lack of action on this site. Nevertheless, KSDC is going to be revised, and real soon. Thanks for your letters and input; I will have all of it up once the new revision is unveiled.
Love you all, and take care.