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doki doki \\ heart pounding

ahhh my favorite part! dokidoki-time! as diplicted above, the japanese term 'dokidoki' means 'heart pounding'. this particular section of 'remember me' deals with seiya and usagi, otherwise, 'seiya to usagi no doki doki deito' / 'seiya and usagi's heart pounding date' (episode 181 : aired 20 july 1997).

this particular episode is quite popular amongst sailormoon and seiya/usagi fans alike. to a certain degree, it is the first episode in which usagi and seiya have an inkling of eachothers alternate identies. this is a key factor to the series, seeing as how the very apparent attraction between the two is vital to the storyline.

now the eternal question : SEIYA or MAMORU? ahh well.. if you ask me, i'd say... well... for safety reasons, i won't answer! hehe. this has been a controversy between bssm fans since the moment usagi and seiya were seen together, and will truly be an 'eternal question'. all due respects to mamoru-fans, but hey, seiya is much more exciting. right, odango? although i must oblige; although seiya and usagi are undoubtably kawaii, part of me knows that mamoru and usagi should truly be together, as the series and storyline left off with. seiya defintely made usagi's life more fun, but mamoru is the man for her (boo hoo ;.;).

enough about that. lets have more dokidoki-time! seiya and usagi came a long way in those twenty-eight episodes - - enduring bruising bumps, taunting trips and heart-wrenching scenes, seiya and usagi became some fans' only reason for watching the show at all!

heart-wrenching moments:
remember the part...

  • on the date // everyone remembers the teddy bear - keychain thing, right? of course! catching it for himself was pretty jerky, but seiya's gift to usagi for spending the day with him was the sweetest thing any guy could do!

  • on the rainy rooftop // seiya says what is often interpreted as "am I not good enough", with a literal translation of "and not me?" (mainly because usagi cries "mamo-chan i need you").

  • during battle // the numerous times starfighter saves sailormoon is nothing compared to seiya's intercept of the blast about to hit eternalsailormoon. almost a 'west side story' dilemma; i.e outers vs starlights. i'll never forget how eternalsailormoon held seiya after he got hit ;.;

  • versus uranus // starfighter uses her own powers against evilsailoruranus', knowing the unavoidable fate. no matter, so long as she was protecting esm!

  • versus uranus... again // after getting slapped by uranus, esm is slapped by the reality of everything. then, here come the starlights to the rescue. after the insulting remark about 'protecting her own princess', starfighter goes fist to fist with uranus, and with an unsuccessful, but bruising, turn about, starfighter once again protects esm with her life. more about uranus and starfighter can be found here.

  • submitted by Seiya_Odango // "Seiya whispers in Usagi's ear with '' I'll sweep you away right after the concert'''. Then he kisses her! ^_^ Tearjearker!"

  • submitted by Seiya_Odango // "Also, don't forget the fight against Galaxia where he breaks Sailor Moon's fall, and when asked if she's okay, responds with a ''thank god''."

    got any more heart renching moments? feel free to share them with me!

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