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"All the living things living in this universe have the brilliance of a star hidden inside their bodies...
One of them, in one person...
I met somebody with that brilliance shining with exceptional strength, on this planet I've flowed to..."

Quick Stat Profile

Birthdate: 30 July 81 [He entered Juuban High in 10th Grade]
Astrological Sign: Leo
Blood Type: A
Group Responsibilities: Lead Vocal, Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Drums, & Composing Music / Lyrics
School Clubs: American Football Club
Preferred Hobby: American Football
Preferred Food: Hamburgers
Preferred School Subject: Physical Education
Least Preferred School Subject: Literature
Trouble Dealing With: Girls

when you hear the words, 'oi oi, odango!', who do you think of? mamoru? BZZZ. wrong. seiya kou? ding ding! correct! this outrageous, fun-loving, enigmatic young fellow ventured into the sailormoon storyline during sailorstars, both anime and manga. although only featured for three tankoubon [issues/volumes] of the manga, as well as two artbooks, seiya kou's character endured twenty-eight sailormoon episodes, with his/her voice provided by the lovely niiyama shiho.

sailormoon fans deal with seiya in an odd way. you either love him, or hate him. there's no other way around it! if you're a hardcore fan of mamoru's, then you may hate him... or figure he was a good substitute till mamoru returned u,u... If you're a hardcore fan of haruka's... well, then you probably hate to love him. beg to differ? drop me a line!

as for seiya's worth to the sailormoon storyline, he is a boy idol member of the group, 'the threelights'. he enrolled at the same school that usagi and girls happen to attend, and he takes part in many sports. typical japanese boy, right? hardly. seiya's alternate identity was that of the very female sailorstarfighter, a soldier from the planet of kinmoku who is in search of the planet's red cercis kingdom leader, kakyuu-hime. in order to find their princess, the starlights disguised themselves as boys. they figured being male would 'attract' their female leader, especially through their songs of beckoning. the most vital of songs represented throughout the series was 'nagareboshi he' [i.e, 'shooting star']. within the lyrics of this song, the threelights channeled their longing to find 'her', rather, kakyuu-hime.

seiya kou seems to be one of the most complex of sailormoon characters at times, generally because of his fixed, yet ever-changing, attitude. each threelight member has a certain grain of personality, yet to me, seiya has both aspects of taiki and yaten put together, as well as a pinch of what they both lack. perhaps thats what makes him the most favorable of threelights, closely followed by yaten. despite his 'trouble with girls', seiya seemed to have the right touch with them... well, sometimes. seiya's attempt at finding the truth behind usagi and sailormoon led him into a dead end... "...taiki ni yutori... hoeteru... no kana..." [ ...but maybe taiki's right... and i'm falling in love... ]. this overwhelming crush brought both seiya and starfighter closer to usagi and sailormoon, which leads to what I call the dokidoki-dilemma. seiya learns that he can never replace who usagi truly holds dear, but wants nothing more than to protect her from all evils. aww!

dorky, handsome, silly, jerky... ahh. what a guy! ahh, feh. you have to hand it to seiya. he's definitely one of a kind. nevertheless, if he was boring, he wouldn't have many fans, right? right! now you see the purpose of this whole page. well, maybe not. if so, why don't you mosey on over to hitoshi doi's sailorstars synoposis' and get reading!

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