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"We must search quickly for our princess and protect the galaxy from the evil hand of Sailor Galaxia... To do that, we've become idols, we've become high school students, and we've become boys..."

Quick Stat Profile

Home Planet: Kinmoku
Kingdom: Red Cercis
Teamates: SailorStarMaker, SailorStarHealer
Team Responsibilities: Leader
Powers: Star Serious Laser, Starlight Fusion Tempest [Myu]
Power Tools: Winged Microphone w/ Star Brooch, Star Yell Brooch
Transformation Variations: Two

snaps in the night. a shooting star flows across the sky. is it a bird? is it a plane? heck no. its the sailorstarlights! primarily, sailorstarfighter! this mysterious character appeared just as many times as seiya kou did, if not more.

starfighter, being much more serious of a character than seiya, seems to hold a similar priority as uranus and neptune did, along with the other two starlights. duty : find the princess, save the world from galaxia. of course, starfighter's mission was intercepted, mainly because of all the fowl-ups created by galaxia's minions. the starlights worked co-incidedly with the senshi... at times.

as if this new earthly life wasn't complicated enough, things worsened when the identities of the senshi were revealed to the starlights, and vice versa. starfighter's now boy-like heart fell for usagi hard, and now that she knows the truth about usagi's identity, it would be hard for them to truly be together at all... as both civilian OR senshi.

starfighter's character is surely an enduring one. her determination and willingness to 'do the right thing' is an uncomparable to any other character. starfighter's priority of protecting those whom mean a great deal to her is solid as gold. nothing could come between her and protecting kakyuu, or usagi, for that matter. now, her reasons for protecting usagi are another matter. is it in order to save the world and galaxy?... or is it the boy-emotions of saving a loved one?...

all in all, starfighter stays by sailormoon's side for various reasons. in the end, there is nothing more to say that what is said, and a hopeful starfighter bids goodbye to the girls, already longing to see the smile of her beloved sailormoon once again. perhaps in the future? who knows :)

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