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image credit //[ diana kou ]

the group of \\ seiya kou, taiki kou & yaten kou

whoop-laa. who are these guys, you ask? feh, if you don't already know, where have YOU been? chehe. these three cuties are the members of the 'threelights', an idol 'boy' band, if you will. they are featured throughout the last season of bssm, 'sailorstars'; (eps 173 - 200, as noted numerously on this shrine). as many know, the band consists of seiya kou (niiiyama shiho // lead vocal, composer, electric guitar, background vocal, drums) , taiki kou (tsunoda narumi // lead vocal, composer, bass guitar, background vocal) and yaten kou (sakamoto 'chika' chinatsu // lead vocal, composer, keyboards, background vocal).

these three came to tokyo, as exchange students from a distant place. in reality, they are the sailorstarlights who are seeking their princess out. in order to find their female leader, they figured posing as idol boys would catch her attention, sending messages to her in their songs. non-unsuspectingly, with an idol life came idol fans. hordes of them. this is how the threelights meet the girls, not to mention their having the same classes / school as them. chance meeting? hardly!

despite the many accusations made by fans, the trio's last names are NOT 'kou'. as proved in their sailorstars image singles, the three state themselves as "seiya kou", "taiki kou" and "yaten kou". those whom are familiar with the japanese language would know that the japanese present themselves sur-name first... that, in this case, being "seiya" etc. bing, bam, boom. its the truth ^^() so the 'brothers' just happen to have the same first name.. but then, they wouldn't be brothers without the same last name... oooh. confusing, isn't it?

also for the age consideration, taiki is not the eldest (why do people always assume the tallest is the oldest? oioi! then again, if you point out yaten's gray hair... ). with the fact that they are all from the same grade, it would prove that yaten is indeed the oldest, followed by middle-child taiki, and baby seiya. kawaii!

even with all this to debate about, the statement whether they are really related at all is still a mystery. most sway to the unlikelyhood of this being true.

throughout the series, each member has an episode focusing upon them, as well as their true being as a starlight. the lights all added their unique flavor in to the huge cauldron of sailormoon, and i personally could not imagine bssm without them.

couple-wise, we all see the obvious. seiya and usagi, right? but of course. if you'd like to skip ahead to that 'controversy', by all means, do! as for the other two, that has yet to be determined.. which girl holds the key for taiki's or yaten's hearts? ami? minako? oooh. maybe. as for yaten, I'd sway more to the luna side.. but thats another story. :D

but then again, theres another complication. what about kakyuu-hime? who has feelings for her? although it may be a bit overly vague, many see that either seiya or taiki has this dokidoki-problem. as for yaten, yet again, that is another story.. (although, many fanfics revolve around yaten and kakyuu. hmmm..). for more on the 'seiya and kakyuu' controversy, mosey on over here! as some know, kakyuu's true love was killed in the battle of kinmoku. perhaps then the 'love' of the starlights to their princess is not so much a romantic thing, but a caring, supportive feeling. you think? perhaps...

threelights discography:

todokanu omoi ~my friend's love~ // released 20 may 1996 // three lights
nagareboshi he // released 20 july 1996 // three lights
ginga ichibun chigai na kata omoi // released 19 october 1996 // seiya kou
chikara wo awasete // released 19 october 1996 // taiki kou
mayo naka hitori // released 19 october 1996 // yaten kou

chasin' after you // released summer 1996 // three lights [myu]
see me, bokutachi no jidai // released summer 1996 // three lights [myu]
i miss you // released summer 1997 // seiya & usagi [myu]

as the merry threelights bid you farewell, take a moment to peep at their other identities!

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