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image credit //[ sayuri fan page & neko]

the stage actress of \\ seiya kou

isn't she just darling? of course. she is katayama sayuri, the lovely actress whom portrayed seiya kou / sailorstarfighter throughout the stages of the sailormoon musicals, aka 'seramyu'.

her role as the very first seiya kou ran through 1996 (ref: 'sailorstars', first stage), 1997 (ref: 'eien densetsu', first stage) and 1998 (ref: 'final first stage!!!', first stage). with a total of 192 stage performances, not including special show guest appearances, katayama-sempai has become one of the classic favorites of the stage cast. however, katayama-sempai has not been fervently active, stage-wise, since 1998. only time will tell what this lovely lady is up to now. on the other hand, she has been featured in cm/commercials and things of that nature. katayama-san! where are you?

during her time on the stage, katayama-sempai was included in many senshi-themed songs, as well as a hearty number of threelights songs. seiya never had a solo song in the myu, however, its never too late to hope; (the new sailorstars myu should be debuting this coming year, however, sayuri being seiya again is highly unlikely since she 'graduated' from the stage already). seiya-sayuri songs consist of 'chasin' after you', 'see me, bokutachi no jidai', and 'i miss you'. the last is a duet between usagi and seiya.

katayama-sempai's stage presence can never be replaced, and I hope that the new-coming actress can represent seiya as proudly and as well as katayama did ^^.

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